Who we are

SEEFF supports and brings together the interests of faith communities; non-Faith organisations and regional bodies, to promote mutual Faith understanding and engagement for the benefit of the whole community.

Why has it been established?

It is natural for Government to focus on practical outcomes, while people of Faith concentrate on the spiritual. However, Faiths share considerable common ground with Government in their aspirations for a harmonious society. Working together Faith groups support and learn from each other, and through engaging with local authorities can help to shape the kind of society we live in.

What does it do?

SEEFF helps to encourage and enable Faith communities in the South East England region to:

  • Help to make the case for public funding to support the work faith groups undertake for the benefit of local communities.
  • Works with Faith Groups to foster greater understanding and spiritual awareness.
  • Offer welfare, support and education services to local communities, particularly communities suffering poverty and deprivation.
  • Work together to develop and share experience, practice and learning, for the benefit of local communities and for the Faith communities.

Why become engaged?

Sometimes local authorities struggle to make appropriate contacts with Faith Groups because of the absence of an‘intermediate body’ such as SEEFF. Becoming a member of SEEFF opens the door to a world of partnership possibilities with local authorities and possible funding but also with other Faith Groups. An ‘organised’ Faiths sector is one of the most significant groups in our society and being a member of SEEFF brings the possibility of being a change agent in our society for good.

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