SEEFF Newsletter Summer 2017

SEEFF 2017 Annual Conference

Chaplaincy in a Plural Society, Faiths in Service

SEEFF 2017 Annual Conference was held on 17 October 2017 at at the Performance Arts Centre of Worth Abbey, Crawley.


The conference heard key speakers Dr Shakil Malik, Clinical Director and Consultant Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Canon David Wilbraham, Force Chaplain Thames Valley Police and National Police Chaplain followed by joint presentations on Multi-faith Chaplaincy by Dr Amra Bone, Chaplain Bristol University, lecturer in Islamic Studies, Mrs Parkash Sohal, Sikh Chaplain to Birmingham University Hospitals, and Mrs Man Kaur, Hindu Chaplain to Birmingham University Hospitals.

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Following a vegetarian buffet lunch, guests had a short tour of Worth Abbey while the SEEFF board members had their AGM. In the afternoon there were three workshop sessions:

Hospital context – Dr John Geater MBE (PRIME healthcare educator) and Rev. Graham Atfield (Chaplain of Conquest Hospital, Hastings)
, University context – Chris McDermott, Lead Chaplain, University of Sussex
 & Crisis context – Canon Jonathan Baldwin Chaplain Gatwick Airport

The workshops were followed by a Plenary Session that heard Bishop Richard Moth – RC Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, Former RC Bishop to the UK Forces


Conference ended with remarks from Bede Gerrard, Chair of South East England Faiths Forum

For full report of the conference click here.

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SEEFF 2017 Summer Newsletter

A new resource by the Interfaith Network UK – 

Looking After One Another: The Safety and Security of our Faith Communities

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 09.32.49Practical pointers for responding jointly to attacks on places of worship; working for calm in times of tension; and working to build and strengthen good inter faith relations.

This document is published by the Inter Faith Network for the UK (IFN) in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Home Office, the Crown Prosecution Service, the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the National Fire Chiefs’ Council.

The document contains guidance on responding jointly to attacks on places of worship; working for calm at times of tension; and working to build on and strengthen existing good inter faith relations. It contains material about how and where to report hate incidents, cyber-attacks, and actual or suspected terrorist activity; where to find information on strengthening the security of buildings; and where to find information about working to build – and strengthen – good inter faith relations locally.

These practical pointers for responding in solidarity have particular resonance at the present time when there is a need to watch out for the wellbeing of any groups who may be targeted because of terrorist actions which claim, or are perceived by some, as having a link to them.

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SEEFF 2017 Summer Newsletter

During the past few months the news has been appalling so far as inter-faith relations are concerned, killers at Westminster, on the underground trains of St Petersburg, gas and bomb and mortar attacks on civilians in Syria; the use of women and children as human shields by Daesh and famine and drought in east Africa and floods and drownings in Australia and Colombia….

Contents of this issue…

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Dates for your Diary

Peace One Day takes place on 21 September www.peaceoneday.org 

Sewa Day will take place on 1 October www.sewaday.org 

One World Week will take place from 22 to 29 October www.oneworldweek.org 

National Inter Faith Week in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be an ‘8 day week’ this year taking place from 12 to 19 November.  www.interfaithweek.org  


Oxford faith walkThis annual Oxford interfaith event was boosted this year by people from many different faiths and none who gathered out side the Oxford Jewish Centre with greetings from a past president of the community and prayers from Rabbi Norman Solomon and Bishop Steven Croft.  Holding brightly coloured balloons and with banners unfurled the 300 or so walkers set out for St Giles Churchyard.  Greeted by the bells ringing from the church tower we were met by more people and the boys choir. Greeted by the Revd Canon Dr Andrew Bunch and the bishop of Dorchester, Rt Revd Colin Fletcher and the City Rector, V Revd Bob Wilkes who spoke of the importance of walking together especially when times are difficult.

The walk is organised by the Friendship Interfaith Walk sub-Committee, of Oxford Council of Faiths, which Mrs Faust co-chairs alongside Jawaid Malik, who is a trustee of The Central Mosque in Oxford.

Event organisers raised over £1,200 through a charity collection at the meal, part of which will be put towards next year’s walk.